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Well it's bad my husband is a general manager for Advance Auto Parts in Tennessee and can't get an air filter for our car other than a high dollar KN filter. He has checked all there options CARQUEST and WorldPac .

But he can get it through the dealer but why would we pay more for handling when a competitor can have it in three hours. But what makes me mad is there all over there Managers for not making sales goals. Advance Auto Parts don't care one bit about them he works misses and gives so much for them to have a district manger's degrade them. But them and the upper management are off holidays and weekends and come back and treat them like ***...

But many men and women are like him take it at work seven days a week but when they come home the family gets the shell off a person.

Its not there fault its there managements fault so I went to the competitor I got my part they even put it in because I would have paid any amount not to make him feel worse. So I personal think Advance Auto Parts need to think about there Managers and there Familys.

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Boohoo, welcome to management. He can always quit if he doesn't like his job.

That's how retail management jobs are anywhere you go.

Long hours, nights and weekends. Perhaps he's a poor manager and can't keep his employees, that's why he has to work so many hours.


BRAVO!!!! Finally someone recognized what the Advance underlings go through.

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