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To whom it may concern:

Since the early 80', I have purchase numerous parts from advance auto parts. I am not your typical homeowner when it comes to working on vehicle. I know incorrect parts sometimes, tends to be a problem. Here is a list of vehicles I have used advance auto parts since the early 80's:

Gremlin 1976 Various parts

Porsche 912 1966 Spark plugs and cross over's with a VW

Porsche 911E 1970 Spark plugs only

Dodge colt 1974 Various parts

Mazda 626 1980 Various parts

Toyota Cressida Year ??? Various parts

Mazda MPV 1990 Various parts

Grand Caravan 1997 (date is in question Various parts

Chrysler Lebaron ???? (date is in question Various parts

Nissan Altima 1994 Various parts

Mazda 626 1997 Various parts

Chrysler 1500 truck Various parts

Mazda Millennia 1998 Various parts

Chevy Silverado truck 2005 Various parts

Honda Civic 1995 Various parts

Hyundai Elantra 2003 Various parts

Honda Civic 1996 Various parts

Honda Del Sol 1995 Various parts

Honda Del Sol 1997 Various parts

Yes we have purchased a variety of parts. Yes I always went to Advance Auto Part. I purchase my home in Knightdale, NC in 1998, and was extremely happy when the local store, 04122, was open. I have handled a majority of the repairs. I am one heck of a customer for Advance Auto parts. So Now, why I am so unhappy. Let's just say customer service at the Knightdale location needs attention.

My son, Ryan, 23 years of age, was in a recent accident and the car, my wife and I picked out needed necessary repairs on the breaks. New rotors, calipers, hoses were the answer. My sons vehicle was simple. A 1996 Honda Civic Sedan, LX with ABS, with manual. So easy, a caveman can do it. I initially purchased the items, rotors purchased first, while the transaction for the vehicle transfer was taking place. Once the vehicle transfer, title, was finalized, we purchased calipers, pads, and hoses for the vehicle on Aug-21-2012. See transaction number 5611. No parts were available at the store, however the parts were suppose to be available by the next morning. Order was consummated at 16:38:49. It Should have been there when I arrived at the store the next day around 16:00:00. No it was not. I had to wait an additional 45 minutes so the driver side caliper was picked up locally.

While I was waiting at the store, 15 minutes, another employee walked in. He owns a 928 Porsche, and we have had many conversations, see above, then I met Hope, the manager. In front of customers, including, me, she belittle him. Wow I was flabbergasted. I was Hoping I would not have to deal with her. I was wrong with my thinking.

I was very upset when the driver side brakes were not working on the vehicle. I called yesterday, and I was hot. As A validation engineer, I expect accuracy. Hope, she, said the parts would be ordered. Today, 23 Aug 2012, I was not treated as a customer.

I called and initially talked to Ethan, he was very helpful, however apparently store policy requires new customers are more important. I was place on hold, he even told me this. While being on hold for, I reconfirmed with my son, that the parts I ordered were correct. Hope answered the phone and I explained I should not be placed on hold, since I was a customer. Hope was no help she hung up on me. Keep in mind, I was frustrated, placed many hours on the project and was not happy. I called a second time, and explained my frustrations to Hope. She Hung up a second time. AM I NOT A CUSTOMER? I called a third time. I talked to Ethan an Explained I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH ADVANCE AUTO PARTS. Meanwhile HOPE was not willing to talk to me. WHO IS THE CUSTOMER? Apparently not me. I WILL NEVER DO ANY MORE BUSINESS WITH ADVANCE AUTO PARTS. YOU LOST MY BUSINESS BECAUSE OF HOPE, YOUR EMPLOYEE. YES I WILL TELL EVERYONE.




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AAP managers make good money. It's the workers who are expected to know everything while making 7.50 an hour.

AAP pushes their managers to be *** holes. We have sales quotas and if not met we get fired. Even though we can not control how many people come into the store on a shift. The managers friends get the good shifts and front registers.

The rest get the leftovers and are set up to fail.

Training is very little and time is not given to do it. So be kind to the workers.

@AAP Worker

Not true, the training at AAP is very good. I worked at autozone also and never received training.

Every month we receive refresher courses, clearly you do not do them. If you're unhappy with making $7.50 an hour, you should seek other employment.


Now come on "anonymous", why don't you have the balls to use your real name if your going to tell everyone not to go to Advance? Here's the issue your mad that you got hung up on.

What you don't get is that you should have gotten your *** up and drove to the store. Instead like many others you called them. There are good paying customers standing in line at the store waiting to be taken care of and the guys at Advance don't have the time to sit on the phone all evening with you trying to look up parts when you may or may not show up at the store. Customers who actually make the effort to come to the store get service first!

Get a *** clue you *** and go on to Auto Zone (and you thought Advance Auto was bad) or O'reily's (cheapest crappiest parts on the planet.

Advance Auto lost a customer....oh well they gained 100 more in one day. Thanks for wasting time and *** on a blog, have a nice day!

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