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100% correct. Limited Lifetime Warranty with Advance Auto doesn't cover normal wear and tear/failure of a product, only manufacture defects.

The dealers that cover normal failure such as Walker ask that you contact them to deal with their SCAM. AutoZone on the other hand does cover normal wear and tear. Advanced corporate personal that I dealt with kept me on hold and in the end would not transfer me to a higher end supervisor. I have returned the part to the local store because I was fortunate enough to find out about their SCAM warranty prior to install.

They shipped the heavy part for free and now ate the cost. Off to AutoZone to buy the same part without the SCAM.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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why would you pay 40 bucks for a set of brake pads to have them replaced every year over maybe 5 years...??? thats why the warranty is limited. its even notated on the site.


Oh yeah, Auto Zone nor any other parts house in the business has a warranty that covers for wear and tear. I have been working on vehicles for over 53 years and I know the length of the warranties at all the parts houses. When you are a ASE multi certified individual making your living working on vehicles, you need to know what the warranty factually is from where you purchase for good of you customers and not being guessing.


You get what you pay for. I paid top dollar for Monroe shocks for my 88 G30 van in 1997 and got a lifetime warranty with them. In 07 one had it's seal blow out so I bought four more and had that amount refunded when I brought in the old shocks.


First, if your talking about Walker exhaust parts, the warranty can be 1 year, 3 year, 5 year or limited life time depending what the part is. If you talk about Wagner brake pads and/or brake shoes it is a limited life time warranty. Auto Zone has similar warranty periods per the parts manufacturer ,as no on in the parts business offers a "Life Time" warranty.


I have had issues with a warranty on a Walker part and contacted Tenneco, the parent company, they were less than helpful and said any warranties must be handled through the store, so I went to the store and had it taken care of through AAP.


"Limited life time" means limited. AZ offers wear and tear on low end parts because the price and quality is so cheap. Its not a scam LEARN to read.

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