Hampton, South Carolina
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Good morning,

I want to report a complaint about the store in Hampton, S.C. or store number 9847.

I took two (2) batteries my father had bought previously from one of the stores in Hampton and Barnwell, S.C. I took the batteries there on December 30, 2014 to have them tested and charged. I decided to leave them over night for a full and slow charge. The young lady by the name of Coats was very helpful.

I called the next day to inquire about the batteries. A worker by the name of Jeremy answer the phone and I told him I will be by later for batteries. Upon my arrival around 1500 hours on December 31, 2014. I approach Jeremy and told him about phone call and he claimed he never spoke with me.

I ask if there was another Jeremy and he said no. I knew then this guy was a liar and how would I know of anyone working there by the name of Jeremy. We finally start getting to business. One battery would not charged and the other would not charged.

He said something was draining the batteries and how the heck would he know is beyond me. Both batteries were identified as advance auto batteries and this was not refutable by any of employees. This was confirm. One of the batteries were in the computer at the Hampton store but both was changed out this store previously.

One of the batteries were exchanged and he told me there is nothing he could do about the other battery. He said this he was trying to help me out. I ask him how are you trying to help me out. Let me explain: this is his job and the reason this company pays him.

He suppose to assist the consumer which is me in the case. I ask him to call the store in Barnwell, SC store which is about 30 miles from the Hampton, SC. He refused to make the call and this is Jeremy, a white guy. I took both batteries to car and took upon myself and utilize my phone to call the Barnwell store.

The information was confirmed. So I return to the store and he seen me and waiting about five minutes before he came to assist me. He finally came and I told him the Barnwell store was on the phone. I placed my phone on speaker as the trust is no longer there.

The guy on the other line at the Barnwell stop was very professional. He wrote the number down from the Barnwell store. You can tell by the expression on his face as he was upset. He hung and try to put the number in the computer.

I did not understand why he did not put it in computer before hanging up. Again, he claimed he still could not locate it and even told me to got about 30 miles to the Barnwell store. I ask him are you serious? Another came and instantaneous, she enter it in the computer and I was able to get the other battery.

It was only persistent on my part. I never lost my composure but this guy Jeremy is unprofessional, have a bad attitude when dealing the public and should not be working in a store in this magnitude and representing this company. It's tell meet a lot about this company. There is no reason for me to stay in a store for an hour to handle a problem which I consider to be minute.

It should be noted this store is always changing employees and there is an obvious explanation. This employee should be reprimand.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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You my friend are a *** this one minute mythical time limit you speak of is false. Especially because your the *** who didn't go to the original store you bought it from.

Our systems do not intertwine like idiots like you think. We can not just look your *** up threw every store. If you buy one thing at one store and we ask for your phone number than it will be on file at that store if you would have kept your reciet than this would not have happened this would had been a easy scan and press of buttons but no your another one of the *** customers we get that think they know everything but know nothing.

I don't even know how they gave you new batteries honestly they probably just did it to get you to leave because you were causing a scene and one last thing you say how there's always new people in there well what if Jeremy was a new guy and did not know how to work the computer so you can get what you want? If you think the computers are so simple than why dont you next time go in to the store and look up parts for your car such as spark plugs bearings or u joints its not as was as it seems especially to do a return if your new is very difficult because your already nervous about being new so to conclude this you sir can go *** yourself..


Noticed you had to point out he is white! Has nothing to do with your complaint!

What color are you ?

GREEN? Maybe we need to know this so we can judge your complaint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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