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I was placing order online for Optima Yellowtop battery which gives no core charge discount. I called the store and they said, they will give me the same deal.

I spoke to person name Caesor. When I went to store they placed the battery in my car and did not return the old battery to me. I told them that online I was getting this deal with no core charge. They denied and took my old battery.

I spent 1.5 hour to resolve the issue in store. Later I got conformation from 1-877-ADVANCE that there was no core charge. I went to customer resolution department and they denied to help. I lost my old HONDA battery which had 100 months warranty which I used only for 60 months.

I tried to speak to manager Robin. He was extremely rude and asked me to all 1-877-ADVANCE to resolve this issue. Later 1-877-ADNAVCE person tried to get my battery back. But Robin said the battery is long gone.

Why do they say that they will match the online offer while they cannot ? Online order would have saved my old battery.

Next time no Advance Auto Parts. I will use Auto Zone or Amazon.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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First off ALL Automotive acid lead base have cores! This is Federal Law.

So I really doubt you ever contact Customer Service. So guess what you are mistake.

Also Honda does not offer a 100 month warranty, it is 60 months 100,000 miles. I think you are confused on a number of your facts.


Core charges don't work the way you are thinking. Core charges are added onto the item price, not subtracted.

If you do not have your part for us at the time of purchase, you must pay the core charge.

When you bring your part back to us after installing the part; you will get the core charge money refunded to you. This is done in part so the manufacturer of the part makes you return your part to be rebuilt.

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