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Update by user Feb 22, 2016

I tried to get a full charge on the car battery. But was unable to more then 80% charge.

If you don't have a battery charger with a build in gage. The car repair show I went to told me I could check the battery life with voltage meter. This is the numbers they gave me. The battery I bought from Advanced auto never goes above 12.50v


Battery Voltage and State of Charge:

12.66v .

. 100%

12.45v . . .


12.24v . . . 50% 12.06v .

. . 25% 11.89v . .

.. 0%

Original review posted by user Feb 14, 2016

I bought a new battery for my ford ranger two weeks ago at the Advance auto parts in Sophia WV. Today with temperatures below zero the battery was dead.

Up on taking battery back to Advance auto parts they told me. That first have to charge the battery for 30 minutes. And then wait to see if it would hold a charge. In side at 70 degrees the battery will hold up.

But it's not 70 degrees, outside its zero.

So I have a $150 battery that will not hold a charge in the cold.

And Advance auto parts told me not their problem. I will never again buy from Advance auto parts.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Took a battery that had been leaking acid that I recently purchased back and they told me it was still holding a charge. I said the charge wasn't the issue that it was leaking acid but they wouldn't do anything about it.

Not too long after that the battery died it was only two years old.

They would not prorate the battery. That is the last time I will shop at their store.


Not true look on this site there are a lot of complaints. Being make in pissed of consumer about dead advance auto parts store brand car batteries not holding a charge.

And if you read the posts here you will see. That they didn't help me. If fact for over a month they jerked me around. How long can you go without a working battery?

Me too. That's why I was jerked around so long. They know I would have to replace the dead battery. And after it was replaced they were done with me.

I lost $150 just because advance auto refused to stand behind the Guarantee On their store brand car battery. Search this site And look for yourself before you buy for advance auto


No matter what the customer states, ALL part stores have to first test a battery before warranty. The fast charge and testing method is first.

If the battery shows good there is only one option remaining. They ensure it is charged fully and leave it sitting overnight unhooked and retest in the morning. If the battery has lost more than 15% of its charge then it is suspect. If the battery has lost more than 18% it is bad.

These testing rules are decided by the battery manufacturer, not the part stores. If they aren't followed and the store gives warranty on a good battery it costs the store about $60 per battery. Plus the loss of the battery they gave away. With that knowledge you see how it is impossible to just take a customers word for it.

The testers are not made by the battery manufacturer or the company, and don't have a magic pass button on them. They are 100% impartial diagnostic machines. If they say pass it is extremely rare for them to be wrong. Ergo the second testing method.

You lose up to 15% of the charge the instant you disconnect the charger when fast charging due to heat. After that it's internal issues.

Advance has not, and never will sell a "reconditioned" battery as new. They will sell a used battery as used and an older new battery as used. But you get a significant price drop(usually like 39.99+tax) and no warranty at all.

Advance automotive batteries are made by Johnsons Controls. Same manufacturer of Interstate batteries.

Advance farm and truck batteries are made by East Penn Manufacturing. In my opinion far better than Johnson who supplies all the part stores.

In either case the policy is the same.

3 main causes of battery issues in America are: 1 heat(external and internal due to charging) 2 corroded or bad connection on cables/terminals 3 bad alternator Cold weather would have to be extreme to kill a good battery overnight if fully charged and the system in great working order. As in 40 below or worse.


Need more information to respond to your issue. Which battery did you purchase, what are the cranking amps (CA), what are the cold cranking amps (CCA), what group size, are your cables in good condition.

Consider a parasitic draw device to determine if something is causing an open draw on the battery when not running.

Consider looking into your grounding points as these go bad quickly on most Rangers (I have owned a few). And if the battery is deemed a complete failure, there should be a form of warranty on the entire purchase price


As I stated before. The battery holds a charge as long as the temperature stays about freezing.

And the store will only test the battery inside at room temperature.

So if the battery is good above 32 degrees there cannot be a power drain or anything else.


I guess this was you jerks reason for jerking me around. I can not go a month without a working battery.

So I have bought a new battery from a honest dealer!

Advanced Auto parts is selling reconditioned auto parts (batteries) as new.

And will NOT honor warranties. It is a wast of money to buy from them.


No corporately owned part store sells "reconditioned" batteries. An independently owned one perhaps.

In which case there are none until recently and none are simply called Advance Auto Parts. They are usually Bob's part's or Carquest. And I've yet to see one even use the Advance Corporate signage since Advance bought Carquest 2 years ago.

Stomping feet and demanding rarely makes life easy.

I have personally ate a battery for a customer at my personal cost, but they were extremely polite and genuinely thought it was the battery.

They ended up buying an Alternator the next week after properly diagnosing the issue. Come back all the time.


Advance auto Gold battery part number ATDCF 2130005


Not an Advance part number.

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