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"Free Battery Installation" apparently means DIY. It was raining, and was told I should come back tomorrow. Sorry, but I had to get a jump start just to make it there in the first place.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The shops attached to Advance Auto are always rentals. The employees do not work at the shops.

I don't condone the attitude of the other employees on here, as the rudeness is not tolerated in my store or place of business.

In the rain, it is detrimental for us to do the free installs as it is a risk to both the employee and the vehicle. With that being said, I am sorry for the rudeness on this post


I'll gladly comment on your complaint. I don't work for the store that you went to.

I'll start with that. Secondly, it is a FREE service. We don't have to to do it--we choose to do it for you as we see fit. You would have to pay for it anywhere else.

It is dangerous to install a battery in the rain. I am not getting electrocuted installing your battery. Sorry. A free service doesn't mean that you get it on the the spot.

You get it when I say so. Frankly I am tired of you coming into the stores and requesting free services. Don't you realize that half these kids don't know *** about cars and are high school students? This is why you should go to a mechanic in the first place and stop *** about a free service.

It's FREE. Stop complaining or take your *** elsewhere.


There's a big sign in the window that says free. There's a shop in the back, so rain shouldn't be an issue.

And while there was a high school kid at the desk, there were adults in the back.

And now the more important part: I went in on my only day off to replace my dead battery. I was relieved to see that there was free installation, mostly because I'm a terrible mechanic, and I don't have the proper tools for the job. I literally could not leave the parking lot without getting the job done.

DEAD BATTERY. DEAD ON ARRIVAL. Your abysmal attitude towards customer service seems to be par for the course. I didn't request a free service because I felt like it, IT WAS OFFERED.

And on that note, I'm done complaining, and I will take you up on that last bit of advice. My business, thanks to you and the awful employees I dealt with, will permanently be taken elsewhere.


And you know what, Jon? When a customer has a bad experience somewhere, they're likely to tell a lot of people.

Those people, in turn, are about ten times more likely to heed that negative warning than someone who has been given a positive review. So, from a customer service perspective, when you receive a complaint such as mine, you're supposed to try to SOLVE the problem, not make it worse. Even if I'm wrong (which, according to the old adage, as the customer, I never am) you're supposed to approach the situation with a little tact, and not dump all over me with a profanity laced tirade. If performing services as advertised upsets you, get a new job, in a warehouse or a factory where you never have to interact with the public.

You are the worst kind of employee, and you only serve to prove my point that I got little more than disrespectand incompetent service. Actually, most of the staff was nice, if not helpful.

Except for Jon, here. Jon wants me to "take [my] *** elsewhere."


It is a safety issue. I used to work for this company, and it is their policy to deny battery installations in the rain.

They should have asked you to wait until the rain lightened up, not asked you to come back the next day.

Obviously if you're there to drop $120 on a battery, you need it. Rain isn't an excuse for poor customer service.


That particular location has a shop. There's no excuse.


None of the AAPs have a shop, Zero... None.

Also on the HUGE!!! "Free Install" sign you will also clearly find "Most vehicles. Weather Permitting" It is plainly labeled. The vehicle that you brought in did not qualify for free installation, which they explained to you clearly, and the battery that you tried to purchase was not even a car battery, which again, they explained very clearly.

But you were far too cheap to go to a real shop and pay for that, so you asked my employee to put a boat battery in your car, in the LIGHTNING storm, in your BMW, because as you stated. "I only have 70 dollars and BMW wanted 600$ for a battery." It is not the fault of AAP or its employees that you are driving a car you can not afford. We have banned you from every new Jersey Location and as we stated you be arrested upon entering AAP property. As to you taking your business elsewhere?

You have done no business at our stores. This was your first visit after you were denied the same service at Auto Zone, again. This came directly from your statement to me over the phone.

We have denied your claim as to vehicle damages that you submitted and we will not give you money because you "Feel you were a victim of False advertising". Read the signs.

@AAP Claims and Collections Res

So when I got my tires changed there, they took it around back and used magic in their non-existent shop? Also, you must have me confused with someone else.

I don't drive a BMW. I've never been banned from anywhere. I never spoke with someone over the phone. And you certainly can't tell me where else I do business, as I usually pay cash.

It wasn't about being cheap. It was about being the closest and supposedly easiest place to get a battery, which was an extremely urgent matter, as I use my personal van as a work vehicle, not just to and from but for errands, etc. And finally, as a whole, my customer service experience has been nothing but berating.

You know you can tell someone they're wrong without being mean about it, right? It just shows that AAP doesn't care about the skills or attitudes of its workers, and would seem to prefer to send its customers to their competitors.

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