Tinton Falls, New Jersey
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I bought new calipers rotors and pads for my k1500..and the premium brand,lasted less then a year .when I went in the manager at long brach.nj he could care less. even.after they look up.my account by phone number you could see I spent over $1000 a year on my truck.he said there warrenty only covers cracks or defects.

The pads wore out so.fast once the warrning of a low pad squeak they started tearing up my rotors . So now I am to buy new everything all over.in ,less then a year . Guess advanced isnt so advanced.

Garbage parts ,*** over seas metal.and horrible.manager experience. G

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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just a little tid bit of info...

What is Not Covered

Failure due to: accident or collision; misuse, abuse or modification; chemical fallout; salt, hail, or other environmental conditions including natural disasters; marine use; improper installation; installation of an incorrect part; and damages caused by other faulty parts.

Parts under manufacturer's recall for a related problem.

Parts installed on vehicles used off-road or for racing purposes.

Parts installed on a commercial-use vehicle after 90 days (see below). Normal wear and tear. Used or salvage parts.


You're upset because the pads on your 6,000 pound vehicle burn out in a year? You have unreasonable expectations.

Drive slower, let the engine do some of your stopping.

You'll save gas and your brakes will last longer. Duh

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