Advance Auto Parts Car Part Installation Reviews

if battery not installed. Mine was installed and I just paid $50 to dent repair shop to repair two LARGE dings where the guy damaged the quarter panel installing and removing battery. Left name and phone number two weeks ago within 24 hours of it happening. No return call. Nothing. Obviously doesnt care about keeping a customer. Save yourself frustration and go somewhere else. It's a shame as it was close and I'd been going there since...
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First transmission was junk had wrong converter. Had to pay labor to have transmissions removed again to replace converter. Guess what still didn't work. Finally after 3 weeks of trying to get another transmission they finally agreed to seed another. Had to pay the labor again. After about 8 weeks of calling and they sent me 250.00 dollars. Also had to take vehicle back again to dealer to have the transmission flashed. Had to do that twice. And...
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I am a 58 year old woman who found her 3 year old Nissan truck would not start. I plugged in the battery charger, started the truck, and went directly to Advance Auto on E. Main St. in Stamford, CT to have a new battery installed. It was 7:20pm, I was the last customer in line. The sales person who's shirt was embroidered with the name, "Wilfredo," said he would not install my battery because they do not do such after 5:30pm. He also claimed...
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rollo2016 Complain to Advance Auto corporate about this. They have a website. Your ability to know how to do these things is to be commended. I know alot of men who are clueless when it...

I liked
  • Close to my house
I didn't like
  • Poor customer service