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On 1/24/2016 I visited store #08114 to purchase a battery. When I walked into the store, the customer service was great they helped me pick the battery that I needed. I was checking out on Reg 3 @ 1602 with cashier Andrew K. I asked him if there was an associate that would be able to instal the battery for me. I was told that they did not instal batteries in Fords because it will void my warranty. First of all I have a 2011 escape that has no warranty any more. I was given the option to borrow tools to change it but I would have to be watched so that I didn't "walk off" with AdvancedAuto Parts tool.

Secondly I called my local Ford dealer (Apple Ford, Red Lion Pa) where I purchased my car. I spoke with the sales manager and the warranty specialist and both of them confirmed that the information that I was told by Andrew K was incorrect and that AdvancedAuto does change batteries in any type of vehicle and no warranty is voided by changing of a battery.

I am a returning next customer to this store and I was highly disappointed with my overall visit and false information that I was given. I have no car knowledge at all. I walk into this store with confidence that the employees will be knowledgeable and be able to assist me with what I need. I should be receiving the services that come with the purchase.

Thank you for your time,


Product or Service Mentioned: Advance Auto Parts Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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do you want them to change your oil with the purchase of an oil change too??? perhaps a tune up?



Scroll to the bottom where is says FREE IN STORE SERVICES. Also, I've had my battery changed at the exact same location that wouldn't do it this time.

Another thing...... this post had nothing to do with and oil change or tune up.

If you can't comment about the issue at hand keep your 2cents out of it.

One more thing, can you give me a reason for his *** poor knowledge of car warranties?


He just didn't want to do it. Or he didn't know how and didn't want to admit it.

Or the store was short staffed and he was trying to be "diplomatic" about it. Either way he should have offered it before you ever asked. What he did was absolutely wrong.

One note, it is NOT a service that you paid for in any way.

You don't simply deserve it at all. It may be a Company policy and is offered at no charge, but it is not something you deserve. That is a bad way of thinking about it. If you took your vehicle to a mechanic he would charge you at least 1 hour of labor(low side $50 and goes up to $100 or more)on top of the battery cost, and if you get the battery through the mechanic it would also be an additional 10-30% cost on average just for the battery itself.

So remember that the next time you are at any part store and they offer it for free.

Try tipping the extremely underpaid person that does it at least a 5er.

Further knowledge...part store employees are only allowed to install a battery in a car that has it in the engine compartment. They are expressly forbidden to install batteries that are located under seats, in trunks, and certain vehicles. Mercedes, BMW, and never Corvettes are a nono, as well as a particular Dodge that has the battery located behind a wheel and requires the removal of the wheel to do the job.

So not any vehicle. Just most.

In the case of Mercedes, BMW, and late Corvettes the battery has to be either installed at the dealership or at the minimum you call a number and pay a significant chunk of change for them to send a signal to start your car after changing the battery and still have to take it to the dealer to get the error messages to go away. In those cases there most definitely are warranty issues.

Course, out of warranty means it wouldn't matter regardless. Lol!


actually there is not thing that comes , with what you buy!!DOES Toilet paper come with a free *** wipe. You go figure that


If there not going to change a battery when you buy one maybe there website shouldn't say

"Get FREE Battery testing and installation! Plus, charging and recycling on us, too.

We’ll also test your starter and alternator.

It’s the perfect way to protect your power supply from the elements"!

Therefore there is a service available to a customer that purchased a battery.


Btw, that service is not guaranteed. The employee has to be one trained and at the minimum approved by the manager.

In the fine print it also states "at most locations." Not all. We offered it at my store when it was Carquest before even the corporation started adding those same signs and no one else was doing it.

It caught on. All of the sudden everyone offers it except independent stores, and some of them have started as well.

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