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Good evening. My name is Forbes Hays, And I would like to adress a greavence that I have against one of your employees at your branch location located off of Community Road in Brunswick, Ga.

Today my friend his name is Albert Wright Mitchell had to go a replace a couple of parts for his truck that both had life time warrantys with those parts. The parts in question are the electronic pickup senior or modual and the main ignition coil. And those parts are to a 1989 Ford F-250 with the 7.8 351 Winser engine in it. He had to drive from Sattillapines Road out of Nahunta, Ga in his other car all the way to Brunswick to the following said store to get those parts for his truck.

He said that when he got to your store there off of Community Rd. A manager or employee by the name of David last name unknown unwillfully got on to Albert for coming into your store. And my Albert said that David would no longer honor to the warranty to eighter part and sent him out of your door with his money back for both parts that I bought for him 2years ago that had those warrantys put in his name I case something should go wrong. When he explained to me what David had done to my friend Albert he explained in great detail that he had lost faith with your company and vowing to never shop with your company again.

Albert had to go to Auto Zone to get the said parts that he needs for his truck. With these parts that he got from your store failing every two months and him having to replace them to keep his truck on the road. It's hard for a less unfortunate man like my friend Albert to keep buying those parts especially if they have a life time warrenty. That's why we went with the ones that have the life time warrantys.

Listen I introduced Albert to your company five years ago, giving him really great reviews. And he has been shopping with y'all ever sence. I introduced him because I am one of your main die hard customers. That refused to go anywhere else for parts.

Also letting him know that your company honors all of your agreements and have great and outstanding service...... But after I had learned what apoling experience my friend had with one of your employees today, I just had to tell y'all about it. So just maybe y'all can fix your emoloyee problem. If you have any questions and concerns and you wish to contact me.

My cell number is (912) 409-5309.

Please help. Or call Albert at (912)286-2931 for more details.

Product or Service Mentioned: Advance Auto Parts Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I think if you are replacing the same part every two months would tell me that there is some other part beyond the ones that are failing and causing it to fail. You need to take the truck to a shop and have them look it over.

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