Delta, Ohio
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Purchased spark plugs today. Asked if they could make sure gap is correct.

They said that's already done at the manufacture. Eye-balled a couple and noticed they were way off. In fact one was almost closed. They have me a gap checker told him can't even get this one in the tool.

Used the tool to adjust all four. Then they tell me I have to purchase the tool because I scored it. I said this is bull ***.

Two Dollar part and I will never do business at Advanced Auto again. Poor customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Advance Auto Parts Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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couldnt agree more with i own tools... gaps normally come preset.

there are some that get damaged in shipping, but do you know how silly it would sound to open all boxes to see if they are damaged especially when some boxes dont appear to be damaged? man up and check the gap on your own plugs.


Do you want them to tune your car 4you too!!! Let's see have them gap plugs because you,re too cheap to have a tool to do yourself, so they let you use their tool and you scuff it.

GEE, it's only 2bucks.

@I own tools

I agree people are lazy , do this for me ,check this for me . Should this guy be working on his car ?

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