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Advance auto parts lost my battery I drop my battery I have to be charged and advance auto parts fail to call me to pick it up because they were closing their store before hurricane Michael. I asked the manager to replace my battery and they gave me a battery that does not fit in my car. I think advance auto parts should be responsible for customers merchandise or a property when dropped off to be charged.850-851-3648 thank you

Product or Service Mentioned: Duracell Battery.

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Hey ....head.I’ve been going back & Fourth with different managers trying to resolve the issue since hurricane Michael it just took three months for them to resolve it so eat it & get a life.

to Jackson #1628435

Back & fourth eh? Learn to spell and go to ***


Hurricane Michael was in October of 2018 and this is January of 2019 and they lost your battery. Who knows what happened between then and now and as for calling I can't answer that unless they were busy due to storm but why did you wait till now to complain. Perhaps they threw it out because it sat so long at store perhaps it got lost in storm, It was your battery obviously you did not need right away

to Anonymous #1628349

I see with his mouth he must have a good education. I bet he went in with that attitude and they DID throw it out.

to morgan #1628528

LOL I love cowards. I was born with a great attitude and still have a great attitude to this day.Thats why advance auto parts was courteous of takeing care of the situation because there smart enough to understand right & wrong.

to Anonymous #1628553

Well if it was taken care of why are you on this site complaining and whining and cursing about it? Name calling shows real maturity.

to morgan #1628582

The complaint was before they took care of the problem. Wait a minute am I talking to a fish or a pigeon,both?

to Anonymous #1629160

Well your not talking to a fish or a pigeon because I, as you can see have a real name. Not like anonymous which rhymes with Pu##. Have a good day with your free battery, don't shock yourself into reality or get your girlfriend or significant other to install it for you!

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