Aiken, South Carolina

I am a commercial parts accounts patron with advance auto parts.About two weeks ago myself and my wife walked into the

York street Advance Auto Parts in Aiken SC to purchase a set of spark plugs for my sons Honda Civic. At the time of checkout the cashier named Jamie that had been cutting up with me and my wife made a comment about a .78 gap tool that I picked up and assumed had been rang with the rest of my purchases but unbenounced to me the cashier had not rang up the .78 tool and then went to the manager and told him I stole it.The manager instead of calling me told his employees not to do any more business with me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Advance Auto Parts Cashier.

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So why were you talking to a cashier when you have a Commercial Account Manager that handles all of your business? Unless you really don't have a commercial account.



I have a account and I always get a manager or the counter guy.

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