Boise, Idaho
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I had come in with an altenator just to have it checked out. It was fairly busy so I waited my turn.

When I did get help the assistent manager helped me. It wasnt long before i realized she had no idea what she was doing. There was one other person working in the store and while he was helping a customer he was also trying to let her know how to help me. When he finished with his customer he went to the back of the store, at the same time some kids came in and she left me to help them.

I was left there with my altenator needing help. Just as i was ready to leave the guy came back with a book and helped me out. I'm not sure why she is aan assistant manager when she should treat customers poorly and doesnt know what she was doing.

She gave me a reason of needing a part number to test my altenator which I understand but her total lack of effort and then the fact she just left me to chit chat with these kids that came into the store. Then go outside of the store to smoke with the kids and not even say he'll finish you up or nothing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Advance Auto Parts Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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That is really IRONIC that I was looking for a place to comment a great experience I had at this particular store. When I ran upon your comment, I happened to be in the store at that time and was looking at accessories for my new car.

I am not suprised she left you, to let one of the guys assist you.. YOU were degrating her with your demeanor about her even being a female in a parts store.

FYI buddy I have been in there many times after this and she is just as qualified as any of the guys.. disrespectful that's what you are.

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