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Brattleboro, VT store - My nephew recently moved in with me to better his life & was hired at the local store. He was fired after a month and I don't condone his actions that caused it.

I took an End of Employment Verification form in to have the manager, Jeff, fill it out so that my nephew could return to receiving some benefits he had qualified for before getting this job. I was told that the form had gotten coffee dumped on it and was discarded. Okay..I picked up a 2nd form this past Tuesday and brought it in to ask Jeff to please fill it out for me. He said he really didn't want to because my nephew had taken some parts without paying.

I said "but I returned them to you so can't you please do it for me? I'm not excusing what he did." After basically begging him for almost 10 minutes, he said he would and I thanked him. When I returned the next day, Wednesday, to pick it up, he was very cold but I did thank him again before leaving. I looked it over after getting in my car and wasn't surprised to see that he only filled out the basic info but left the pertinent information parts blank, as in pay dates, last day worked, earnings, etc.

Okay, I figured I could find out this info by myself and fill it in but the actual part that disgusted me was his comment written in the Reason For Leaving space. He totally defamed my nephew's character and the kicker was his comment that my nephew, in his opinion, "should not and does not deserve to receive any state assistance." How unprofessional. I hope he never has a family member who has problems and needs help. I am planning to contact the Corporate offices and inform them of this because that really is a *** thing to do to a kid who already has no self-esteem but is currently getting the help he needs.

I'm really disgusted with this guy and feel that he needs to grow up and be mature.

These are the actions of a General Manager? I know that I won't be doing business there any longer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Advance Auto Parts Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Company policy is to press charges for shoplifting for team members and customers. Sounds like he did your nephew a favor by not having him arrested and pressing charges.


I hate people that steal so I have no sympathy. The employee was right and he has the right to do what he wants.

This is what is wrong with our country right now. He lied and stole stuff from a store and now expects tax paying dollars to support him to sit on his *** because he just lost his job due to being a criminal and dishonest.

Are you kidding me??? Go steal some play-doh and find a safe zone ya snowflake.


Some people will do anything in order to get a free ride. Why are you enabling such actions? You are enabling bad behavior.

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