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I've been going to the advance auto in Bayonne since they have opened for about 10 years. It's not te same as it use to be.

They use to be very friendly, nice and helpful there when I needed help or any questions. Now they are all *** I get it a saleman is just doing there job when they try to upsale and refer. But now they assume you don't know anything about cars and try to get you for the simplest thing like you have no clue and you're and ***. They advertise free battery check, recharge and installation.

I need a battery check. Mind you, my battery does show a lot of corrosion on top of it. So they look and check it and says it needs a recharge which they advertise to do for free. But the guy looks at my batt and says we only do free recharge if your batt was purchased here at advance auto.(I'm assuming he doesn't want to deal with a dirty corroded batt) but he didn't have to scheme about it.

I old him I did buy this batt here at advance years ago he plays it off like ohh they must have switched the label he didn't know. Yea my *** he didn't know. Then I say forget it I'll just get a new batt your install it right. He says oh I have to ask my manager if it takes more than 3mins we don't do it for free.

I'm like are you serious I'm not an *** it's never taken me no where near 30mins to swap out a battery. I've done it multiple times before. He asks his manager Chris. He said for my car, rav4 it's more trouble.

I told him what trouble I already removed the plastic cover that covers the battery so it's easy access to it. It's as easy as 1-2-3.

finally after making me wait they said fine and need up changing it in less that 10mins. As a avid customer since they have open, I've been very unhappy with there services lately at Bayonne.

Product or Service Mentioned: Advance Auto Parts Manager.

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I don't think that situation was handled well by the employee.

If a customer comes in asking for a battery charge or check we do it for free, regardless of its origin or birthday.

If it's corroded, we have store use items like battery terminal brushes and cleaner.

If you take care of your customers, making sure they leave with a new, clean battery should of been a priority.

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