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My loss is $150 on the Gold battery that won't hold a charge (bought 2/2014). When you read "Advance Auto Parts - Nice little scam on battery warranties at store 8968", you may recognize the problem of conflict of interest within some replies.

The truth with batteries is that "not taking a charge" is different from "not holding a charge". Obviously, Advance Auto Parts is only testing for "not taking a charge" and refusing testing and, so, warranty coverage for "not holding a charge". It would take a class-action lawsuit or maybe an internet boycott to produce responsibility. Those replies fully describe the problem so prevalent nowadays with dishonorable conduct which always requires an evaluation of the same three possibilities.

Those possibilities, either for individual or corporate misconduct, will always be: carelessness, incompetence, maliciousness. You have to choose what you believe about your fellow man's motivations as essentially negligent, too ***, or so greedy they wouldn't know an honest man was hitting them in the head with a hammer. Clearly, our society needs less court judgments and more hammers.

Maybe some Advance Auto Franchise Owners will dare respond to this thread also and explain to us why "not holding a charge" is not aggressively covered as a warranty issue. As for Auto Zone, expect exactly the same non-warranty treatment of the issue (there goes the chance of an Advance Auto boycott changing anything).

Product or Service Mentioned: Advance Auto Parts Warranty.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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Try Advance Auto Parts stores are all corporate, as it is for Auto Zone.


As a side note none of the AAP locations are franchised, they are all corporately owned and they would need to test the battery first to determine if it is indeed defective, to test if it will hold a charge, not to take a charge, that's what their chargers do when they are hooked up.


I used to work at advanced auto 1718 and 8999 and 9/10 when ever I tested the battery, I did a full system test to figure out what caused the battery to die. I've only had to turn in one defected battery and It wasn't even the manufacturers fault.

It was the customers fault but I defective exchanged it out to keep the customer happy. But the only reasons we wouldn't be aloud to exchange it if it was past the 2 or 3 year warranty or if it just needed a recharge.

It that case we would of charged it for free and retested it and let you know from there. Sorry to hear about your inconvenience though!

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