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first let me explain my situation. me and my two kids were homeless at the time. it was raining raining raining. we had a flat tire. at that time we were living in my car and I didn't have any money. I drove slowly into that parking lot. I went inside and asked if they could allow me to just use a lug wrench. I was told nonchalantly no. Almost in tears I asked if somebody that work there could help me at least change the tire. as an older white man there with gray hair and a black male there may be in his thirties 40. they kinda chuckled and laughed and told me no. I understand that it is not part of their job. But that showed me how cold hearted the associates were in that store. I just pray their mother's , or sisters or wives never need anyone's help. I do believe in karma. By the grace of God we were able to drive to the convenience store where a total stranger helped us. He didn't even have the tools to help us but he did ask someone.

I just feel like that was very hard cold hearted.

Ms. Brown


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Yeah and if a lug nut broke this same person sues and does not care if the team members get fired. Dammed damned if you dont


Oh my god I can't even believe what I'm reading. This goes behind the fact of "it isn't there job" to just being a decent human being.

So sorry about what happened, other stores are so much different! I've been with the company a few years now and my store would give the shirt off our backs if need be.

I would definitely send this as a customer complaint on their website with the store number so their gm hears about it. Please keep an open mind, those two employees represented us horribly and very few of us would even hesitate to help.

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