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I own a 1998 Chevy lumina and I purchased a muffler with a lifetime warranty in early 2011.I found the receipt but it was so faded it couldn't be read. I contacted the advance store in ashtabula ohio and asked them to look it up on thier system.I gave them my name and they told me it wasn't there.

I was getting upset by that point. they told me if I could get a part number off of it they might be able to do was in such bad shape there wasn't a part number on it.then I was told nothing could be done.I was hot by then.I needed a new one so I asked how much was a new muffler.I was told $114.00.I said to them let me check around.I called auto zone and they told me $51.00.

I called o riellys and 2 other private parts stores and their prices were all between $51.00 and $53.00.I can't believe that advance is charging almost double than any store in my area.I purchased a muffler for a jeep liberty for a friend in July.I priced it first at advance because it was the closest to me.they gave me a price of a $135.00.I said OK and then called auto zone. Auto zone gave me a price of $63.00.I was a good customer at advance until now I will never buy anything from advance again.what other merchandise is overpriced in their store?

Product or Service Mentioned: Advance Auto Parts Warranty.

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Advance has let their prices *** up and quality slip. I also have many Advance Auto receipts with the disappearing ink.


Jesus man, the Warranty is a "Limited Lifetime Warranty", not just "Lifetime". It doesn't cover wear and tear. You think Advance should take the hit of $114 because of whatever damages were caused by weather, general wear, or anything else that isn't a defect?


Your average consumer only keeps the same car for I think 4 years or so. So yea lifetime should cover whatever.

A factory muffler could last 10+ years... I keep having problems with their lifetime warranties on starters and alternators.

If I have a warranty on it, it starts acting up, replace it. If they don't want to stand behind warranties, stop selling the warranties...

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