Anniston, Alabama

I had purchased brake shoes with a lifetime warranty and when I brought them back to your store for replacement your store manager was an arrogant ***. I will never spend another penny in your company.

And I will put this review on social media to let everyone know how your lifetime warranty products isn't lifetime at all.

With all the competitive parts companies around its hard to believe you would employ a complete *** hole as your store manager. *** advance auto parts and all their employees.

Product or Service Mentioned: Advance Auto Parts Warranty.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Must be another so-called "Public Schooled" educated individual that cannot read English and/or does not understand what is in print. No parts companies offer a 'Lifetime Warranty" rather it is a "limited Lifetime Warranty" that only covers defect of manufacture material or workmanship and not for normal wear out, or issue(s) caused by other brake system parts being defective. Even companies that use to exchange "Silver" basic pads stopped doing so over 25 years ago because they were losing

money, as was the manufacture of the brake pads.


Sir can I ask you a question? Being as Brake Shoes are a wear item why in the world would you think the lifetime warranty was for anything other than manufacturer defects?

I mean c'mon man you don't take your empty toilet paper rolls back to Wal-Mart and demand they replace them do you? No? Didn't think so. Common Sense should dictate that the company would never make any money if they did so.

What I gather is you didn't take the time to research what exactly the warranty was all about , Not one person forced you to make the purchase , therefore the blame falls on you. Stop being a cheap ***.

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