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Bought a battery with a two year warranty from Advanced and had it installed there. About 9 months later the car wouldn't start.

Had the car towed to my mechanic where I was told that the battery wasn't holding a charge. The alternator and starter tested fine. Took the car back to Advanced with my receipt in order to get a replacement battery. The associate "tested" the battery and claimed it was fine.

He said there must be something wrong with the starter or alternator. I explained that the mechanic had already looked at it that the starter and alternator were fine. He refused to replace the battery even though it was within the warranty period. He charged the battery and sent me on my way.

Three months later the car stalled out again for the same reason. I took it back to Advanced and was still refused a new battery. What good is having a warranty if the company won't honor it? I've heard numerous other consumers complain about this battery scam at various Advanced Auto locations.

Many people have complained that they sell used batteries don't have fully functioning cells.

I don't understand how this is being permitted to continuously happen consumers of this business. What can we do to keep this business from ripping people off?

Product or Service Mentioned: Advance Auto Parts Warranty.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The same things is still happening and they will say it is your alternator or starter and in order for them to replace the battery you have to go get proof from a mechanic or your local service shop and come back with paper work reading that battery is low ( WHICH IS WHAT ADVANCE DEEMS AS STILL A GOOD BATTER) or in other words DEAD. Then after paying an outside mechanic about $45 then they will finally maybe fix your battery.


As an Advanced employee, our warranties are basically ***. I've ran into this problem numerous time while trying to warranty out defective batteries and what happens is that our battery testers will tell us if the battery is good or bad, and unless it tells us that it is bad we cannot return it or warranty them out.

The reason for this being is that we need a specific, unique code from the tester that we have to enter into the computer to warranty it out, without the code we can't do anything. I'll be honest, NAPA or AutoZone have the best battery plans and if you need a new battery that will last, I suggest one of them, or even Walmart.


First off, the battery manufacturers set the rules on battery warranty. Not the stores.

Most stores don't know how to test a battery for a slow death issue. The testers are good, but not perfect. It doesn't matter where you buy it you'll run into the same problem if the employee doesn't know how to do a drain test. And if you're impatient and he does know then he can't do it and can't confirm a bad battery outside what the OTC machine tells him.

Next time ask them to do the fast charge and leave on the floor in the store.

When they check it with the handheld tester the next day they are looking for how much charge was lost. Over 15% and they should warranty it.

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