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my wife had a battery installed by the atore a year ago. It has been starting slow for a few weeks now but no complete discharge.

I went back to the store to see about warranty because something is wrong. My load tester is broken so i figuted they offred the testing service, so let them do it. I had them hook up to the car and they tested the battery. They then said he test fed them a poor charge report.

We then proceeded to test the charging system and the computer fed them a test result saying nothing was wrong with the charging system. It load tested with 340cca on a 600cca battery. The voltage was 12.4 off and 14.3 running no matter what accesories were on.I told him evenif the voltage was good, it could still have a bad cell causing the cca to be low. They claimed the computer test result told them they couldnt start the warranty process.

He said all he could do was take the battery and put it on his charger and try to fully charge it. The car has run for a year on this battery. If it hasnt fully charged yet, there is a problem. He did not check thw water levels, or test with a hydrometer.

I used to go to these part stores a lot, and they knew what they were talking about. They only hire who is cheap anymore. I am a mechanic by career. This scenario played out horrible.

Since the computer doesnt tell them something, they won't do anything about it. That's a BS excuse. Why not just say" i don't know what else to do besides what the computer tells me, let me call my manager. I asked abouy the water issues, and he said its a maintanance free battery.

I said see the caps, it isn't incapable of maintanance. Maintanance free batteries are sealed.

This is why i dont normally let anyone touch my vehicles. Thrre ate no mechanics anymore, just part replacers, if the computer tells them to.

Product or Service Mentioned: Advance Auto Parts Warranty.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Actually testing the acid is not even allowed by part corporations. Too much liability.

The electronic testers in fact DO recognize it as an issue and mark it bad due to low voltage, but only the external testers inside the stoee, not the portable units. And as a mechanic you already know that alternators can also be intermittent when first going bad. And that any time there is a charge issue the proper was is to disconnect the cables and use an external charger on slow charge to bring the battery up to 100%. You also know that batteries are usually killed by heat.

Both ambient temperature and internal temperature under a charge load.

Unfortunately word of mouth is worth zero these days when it comes to batteries.

All the battery manufacturers figured out that over 60% of all warranted batteries were coming back in tiptop shape and implemented testing requirements to stop it. Not the part stores.

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