Walnut Creek, California
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For all you complaining, these workers get paid minimum wage with no training and back up from the higher ups. Advanced auto parts cares nothing about there employees just numbers.

My spouse has worked 5 16 hour days with no end in sight, with no compensation.If you do the numbers he is probably getting paid $4 per hour. Absolutely no help from the managers. The only thing he has gotten from his district manager is texts making fun of the fact that he has to work open to close. This company should be ashamed of their selves.

The CEO of this company needs to take his 4.2 million dollar head out of his butt and start treating his employees like human beings and not just dollar signs. So I wouldn't expect much out of these employees that are over worked and under paid and not respected by what is supposed to be there mentors.

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Advance doesn't pay minimum wage. Working for free is ***. Your wife is an ***.

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