I returned a product to Advanced Auto PartsEdison. N.J.

and received their credit card. Yesterday I went there and made a purchase with their card. I was told there was not any money in it. I said I had never used it.

The store contacted their home office, who in turn told them they should contact the issuer of the card American Express. They checked with them an was told that my card had two dollars a month deducted from it being I didn't use it right away.

I was never told by Advance Auto or informed of that when I received the card sent by them of any such instructions. It 's a Advanced Auto card, and they took my refund and now don't want to know anything.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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Advance does not give refunds by mail or by credit cards. You are issued a store credit if there is no receipt and it is put on a merchandise card which the salesperson scans at the point of sale.

The credit is not subject to fees. The only thing I am aware of using American Express cards are rebate offers on featured items which are subject to whatever terms of service the issuer dictates.

Advance is only used as the logo like an affinity card. It's not the other way around where Advance is using American Express as a logo and is in the credit business.


Advanced Auto issued me a their credit card , by mail for a item I returned. When I used it they said there was no money in it, to contact the bank who issued the card , altho the card was Advancedd Auto Parts. From now on I'll go to Auto Zone whose prices are lower.


Advance does not issue credit cards by mail for returned items. PERIOD.


alright, do that then.

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