Mclean, Virginia

I ordered shocks and struts for my truck online. The shocks went to my local store but the struts were at another store, I asked to have them transferred to the store by my house and was told NO.

I then called the 1-800 # and was told NO again, so I called and asked for a supervisor who just did not care, He also said NO. Since I had already paid for the parts I figure they are MINE,Not according to The supervisor.

I cancelled the sale with him, the only thing he did right. Found them elsewhere cheaper.Dont they have a fleet of trucks that drive parts all over town????

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the parts arent yours until you pick them up, notice how you werent charged until you pick them up. ***


im sure you were told by EVERYONE you talked to that the simple solution would be to order the items from the store you needed to pick-up from. Fleet trucks are for commerical sales only, not for transfering parts for retail customers


the delivery trucks for most stores are only used for local delivery to garages around the area. smaller regions and lower pop metropolitan areas do not have access to most stores in their network if they dont operate a hub* service.

Hubs dispatch a team of drivers to certain stores in their districts. some districts are not fortunate to have a hub service and must rely on a weekly DC shipment. mostly the bane of rural stores.

however i do apologize that this happened to you , and i hope that you will come back to one of our stores again.


The issue is, when you place an online order YOU need to pick it where YOU choose to pick it up, there is no way a store can transfer an online order to another store because there would be no "paper trail" or proof that you picked the part up. The "pick up in store" option is a convenience to the consumer to avoid shipping charges and shipping delays. When you placed your order the confirmation email explained you would need an ID the credit card you used for the purchase and a copy of the order ...NONE of which the store you wanted to have the parts transferred to would any information about

@Store Manager

AMEN, as a fellow AAP GM you hit the nail on the head.... but you can't fix ***, we've learned that

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