Indianapolis, Indiana
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They sold me a 1999 truck that broke down in 4 days. After 2 attempts car still didn't work on third try swapped to a 2000 truck same make color for 1999 price but more miles with no new bill of sale , plate or contract done had me rolling with wrong paperwork and copied my signature for second truck and repossess car for late payment of 4 days and a fee of 300 with breaching contract and changes of price in order to receive car back from 555.00 to 618.00 when inquiring why change because I'm the owner

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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You have to be the biggest *** alive right now. And we live in a world with Chuck Schumer.

Advance Auto Parts doesn't sell vehicles.

Look where you're leaving a review before you post it. And go *** pound sand!!!

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