On June 9, my friend and I went to Advance Auto Parts in Owenfield Road Powell OH. I have asked if he could take a look at my 2007 Jeep Commandet using the OBD device.

Clearly, the tech did not want to leave his current spot. It went all downhill from there. The tech was just arrogant in asking questions regarding what was wrong with the Jeep.

My point is that instead of being a d*ck, why can’t this tech help a beginner like me fix my car. Rather than be a “ know it all” arrogant pr*ck, I would have welcome a welcoming and accommodating associate that can help me with the issues that I am having with my car.

Product or Service Mentioned: Advance Auto Parts Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Way to go! You're almost smart enough to eat ***


First off he is not a tech, second its a free service. Some Advances will not even do a OBD check.

It depends on the area. If you want a "tech" to do an OBD check then PAY a tech at a garage or dealer.

to mechanic #1501521

This reply is exactly what I expected from the tech at Advance Auto Parts. If any semblance of customer service is gone at Advance Auto Part. Good luck on the future of your company as others will pay for the customer service that they will seek

to SamuraiRonin #1501674

Read my name BUD, I am a mechanic with a private garage. Go to Autozone or Advance or where ever you want to for cheap inexperienced service.

You get what you pay for so good luck with your POS vehicle. Maybe in your job you are experienced but I doubt it so go back to Mcdonalds where you work and may sure you put pickles on that Big Mac

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