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I purchased a a battery from store 6464 in Poinciana, had issues the last couple of days on which I got stranded and had to jump it 3 times. Went to the store with my receipt the person on the counter wouldn't do anything because for some reason my name wouldn't come up on their data base.

He finally went to his manager who told him that is under free replacement 3 year warranty to go out and check it. Had me waiting for over 15 minutes because he went to speak to another person that walked into the the store and went back in and he told me that couldn't go outside until some one else comes in. Finally went outside connected the tester and told me the battery needs charge, I was why wouldn't be fully charge and why would it failed for the past days that I got stranded his response was that battery looses charge because it's cold? in Florida??

and he couldn't test unless is fully charge for over 24 hours. I asked how can I get it to charge he wouldn't tell me anything else, other than I may need to buy a new battery.

I went back to speak with the manager, he said is a procedure the battery needs to be charged for 30 minutes wouldn't even offer to charge the battery and test it again. I was so upset and just walk out.

Product or Service Mentioned: Advance Auto Parts Warranty.

Reason of review: poor customer service and fail to honor warranty.

Monetary Loss: $130.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Advance Auto Parts Cons: Lack of responsibility for their products, Service, Lack of customer service on this store.

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Wow! What a horrendous experience.

All Advance Auto Parts stores are supposed to offer free battery testing, charging, and as long as it's not a Mercedes, BMW, or Corvette, or the battery is located inside the trunk or under a seat, or in at least one ford, behind a wheel, free installation on a battery purchased or warranted with them.

The number one reason for battery failure is heat. The number two reason is corroded terminals and/or wires. The number three reason is a bad alternator.

Cold is only a factor in really far northern areas in the US, and mountains.

If you live in a place where the winter might mean a sprinkling of snow and possibly ice for less than one combined month out of the year...yeah...cold isn't even a minor factor. If you live in place where the winter is longer and you routinely experience temperatures below freezing, then we talk about cold factors and higher cold cranking amps.

In places like the former, higher CCA is BAD. Higher CCA means more plates internally, which means higher internal temperature, which means bad battery quicker.

Just some info for the future.

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