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What more do I need to do to get Advanced Auto Parts to do its job?! The technicians broke the sensor wire on a cable when they replaced my husband's battery in August 2018. The technicians then spliced the wires together, wrapped it in electrical tape and told us to contact the store manager the next day. The store manager blew us off saying he wasn't going to fix it. We then called Advanced Auto Insurance Claims and were given a claim number and told that the district manager would call us. One week later, nothing. We called back. We were then told that there was no note and no reason that Advanced Auto Parts would call us, that we would need to call them. We asked for management. Management was apparently out for the day and the lady left a voicemail saying we would get a call back "soon". One week later, no calls. We called again, management was unavailable again. The next day we called and I waited 30 minutes on hold (although to the woman's credit, she did check back with me periodically so say that she was still trying to get me up to the second floor) to speak with a manager. I finally reached Matt in the corporate office. He claimed that this behavior of no returned phone calls was unacceptable and he didn't know why the district manager hadn't called, etc. He decided that since the store had not done right by us, he was going to bypass them and if I got an estimate for repair sent to him, he would have a check cut to us for the cost. On September 17th I called to report that I had the estimate. Matt was unavailable. I was given an email address to send the estimate to. On September 19th my email (Outlook) sent me an error message stating that my email couldn't be delivered because Advanced Auto Parts server wouldn't accept the email. I called and asked for Matt again. He was unavailable. I spoke with Robert who sits right next to Matt. Robert gave me his email and a fax. I sent the fax and received confirmation it went through. Robert's email was kicked back for the same reason my original email got kicked back. I thought surely, since my fax went through, I would hear from Advanced Auto Parts. Two weeks go by and now it is the end of September, beginning of October, nothing. I call back and get Matt, finally! He says he is really only available by phone on Mondays and Fridays. He doesn't know anything about a fax. I give him the amount of the estimate plus the price for the part and am told that checks are cut Tuesdays and Thursdays and that he is going to overnight a check to us and he guaranteed we would have it by October 4. We still do not have the check. I called today before 8:30am central time and spoke with Robert who said Matt was on a break and he would tell Matt that I had called. He said that he could see where the check had been requested but not where a check had even been printed or a check number even assigned. Robert then had the audacity to tell me that he and I had never spoken before. Four hours later and Matt has not called me. Do I need to get a lawyer?!?! The unprofessional conduct, disrespect, and treatment that we have been shown is reprehensible. Meanwhile nearly 2 months later, we still:

1. Have a car whose battery wires are held together with tape.

2. Have never received a call from Advanced Auto Parts manager, district manager, or management team without having to call them first.

3. Have to call and only once in all the times I have called and had to leave a message have I gotten a call back.

4. Have yet to have any member of Advanced Auto Parts follow through from start to finish.

Product or Service Mentioned: Advance Auto Parts Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: A refund of the battery and costs paid for repair of vehicle.

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You will be the reason we soon will not install batteries anymore. Keep it up.

Will be great when we can tell customers we are not allowed to install batteries now because of customer complaints on a FREE service. You have already got it that way on bulbs.

Hopefully wipers will be next. Then we won't have to touch your car at all!!


You force them to install you're battery and then you're upset that the rusty old piece of *** cable happened to snap while he is doing what you are forcing him to do? You probably knew it would snap that's why you're making them change it so you can blame it on them.

Or you and your husband both have vaginas. FREE SERVICE. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

Either way go *** yourself. MOZZLETAV!


You don't take your car to the parts store to get your car worked on. FREE install.

You get what you pay for.

No one feels sorry for you. Piece of ***


Should have brought the car to a garage , oh wait you saw free install . Employees of advance Auto arnt trained ase mechanic. Is the tape working and what sensor wire broke


They are not technicians but underpaid sales people. You are the reason why a lot of parts stores will no longer do batteries on certain customers cars because of lack of maintenance.

The sales person tries to help or install and something breaks because the owner is too cheap to go to a mechanic or even perform normal maintenance to keep their vehicle running. You most likely had a rusted or corroded cable and I wager even a lot of corrosion on the terminal itself and you expect them to perform miracles for free. Go to a garage next time and pay someone to do your work.

As for them not getting back to you, well welcome to the new world of corporate run arounds. I do not think they will miss your business