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Bought a battery 09/24/2017. A few days ago my car acted like it wasnt going to start.

My son said it was battery so i went yesterday to Advance Auto located at 1430 West Brandon Blvd. in Brandon Florida. The young man tested it with a small machine and said battery was fine and to have my starter checked. So i took it this morning to my mechanic.

His machine said Bad Battery and he gave me a print out and told me to go to Advance Auto located at 2502 East SR 60, Valrico, Florida. A young man named Jesus checked and sure enough the battery was bad. Jesus cleaned the cables and posts, replaced the battery and its working great. One of theee things: Your worker at 1430 West Brandon Blvd.

Is incompetent, the machine was faulty or he simply lied.I dont know but either way it needs to be checked into. I am 65 years old and it would be difficult if I broke down and gad to walk a long distance, and I usually have grandchildren with me.

Oh and one other thing, the battery I replaced in 2017, it was a replacement for a bad battery. Very weird!

Product or Service Mentioned: Autocraft Car Battery.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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If you can’t walk when your vehicle breaks down then why are you driving? Oh, you’re 65 and for some reason that means you magically can’t walk?

I am not allowed to post what I really think as this site has a large filter on it. What I can say is thank god at 65 the rest of the world won’t have to deal with YOU much longer. I mean ZERO COMMON SENSE!!! We can all tell that your knowledge of vehicles extends only to how to make it go and stop.

Had you taken a male with you there would have. Even critical thinking involved. A male with even a smidge of understanding would have told you to have the clerk test in while running and while at rest. This way you would be able to tell if it’s being drained while at rest.

But instead of using your life experience and MAYBE learning something new you instead hop online and besmirch someone because YOU THINK that you are some social warrior. Well lady, a term used VERY LOOSELY for you, you are no more a social warrior then I am the pope. No, YOU expect something for free and are using the web in order to blackmail them.

It won’t work sally nobrains, you were not harmed or injured and at best didn’t spend money at that store. Please try and be a better person, you make god cry with your wickedness!


You're incompetent. I'm sure it's not a possibility that the dealer just really wanted to sell you a battery?

Dealers never engage in activity like that right? Get ***


First off, the employee, any employee at any establishment is only as good as the machine he is using and you could of requested a print out then and there but you didn't. After all you had the battery replaced before so you might have a draw/drain or your vehicle is one of those with a high electrical load.

You might of even left your lights are but no one knows this except you. I am very impressed that as of age 65 you took this issue to the internet and not impressed that you accused the employee of being a liar and incompetent. Why did you not let your "mechanic" replace the battery if it was bad, was he incompetent too or were you looking for something done for free? My shop charges for installation depending on location of battery and even charges for the test.

Nothing else to say. Have a good day


The machine they use is the most accurate on the market at 96% accuracy. But that means it will be wrong 4 out of every 100 tests. So don't call the guy incompetent, he is only as accurate as the machine.

to Anonymous #1594070

Thank you. I stated it could be one out of 3 things.

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