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I purchased a product which was a screw extractor set as an alternative because the store was out of stock of the item that I wanted no big deal, but the screw extractors in the set that I purchased were too long. There wasn't enough room between the firewall in the pulley to use them.

My truck is broke down so I took an Uber to the other Advance Auto parts in town which there are several but I went to the only one I could find that had the screw extractor set listed in stock online which was 14 miles from the house for a $20 Uber fee. Then the associate at the advance Auto parts on San Jose his name was Trent told me that he couldn't return the screw extractor set because there was oil on the screw extractors, I explained to him that the machine shop that made the screw extractors puts oil in the case so that they don't rust before a customer purchases them. He had to go and ask a manager if I was lying to him and then came back and decided to do the return for me which I had the receipt for but told me that he couldn't do the exchange or give me cash but he had to put it back on my card and I explained that I couldn't wait for it to go back on my card that I needed the money to purchase the item that I needed from store. He told me that it had to go back on my card there was nothing he could do.

So I wasted a $20 Uber trip to a store and couldn't get the tool I needed.

As far as what can be done about it hopefully by the time you guys open up on Monday I will be able to have made it to work somehow to make the money to buy the part either from that store or somewhere else and fix my truck but if not it would be great if you guys could just get the guy to exchange the tool for me, and get the associate trained on better customer service in the future. Or possibly get the item I need shipped to the store right by my house.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $65.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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You pay with credit so it goes back on credit. Any retail store is like that.

As for oil on the extractor I am surprised if they would even take it back. I work at a small autoparts store and I know that we wouldn't

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