Charleston, South Carolina
Not resolved

I went on a trip and was having problem starting my car.

When I got back home I took the car to The Advance Store

where I purchased the battery sept. 2012. They tested the

battery and alternator and said the tested fine an told me I should replace the positive terminal clamp so I had a mechanic do that. That was not the problem so with the

car soundin like a draging starter I replaced it for $192.00.

Drove it home. The next morning same problem. After a couple

more days I took the car to Precision Tune and left it overnight so they could test the car. The next morning Precision Tune called and said the battery only showed

10 volts. So that afternoon I took my car back to the Advance auto parts store. Told them what happen. They said to

make sure they would need to put a full charge on the

battery. The test showed the battery was 150 amps low.

So they prorated my battery and replaced it. I feel since my battery wasn't tested properly the first time. I feel I

should be compensated for my time or at least something

for the started I replaced.


Still a customer,

Charles Robinson

Product or Service Mentioned: Advance Auto Parts Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $192.

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