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Monday afternoon I took my elderly neighbors battery to charge for an hour came back for it and it didn’t charge properly the young man I spoke with asked me to leave it 24 hour charge so I did I was giving a red ticket Came back for the battery Today Tuesday around 10 o’clock the young man I spoke with wasn’t there The manager and someone else was attending to the store they looked all over for my battery and couldn’t find it it took them a while they looked through all the batteries they had me go to the back and look I couldn’t fine it 10 minute in the Search the manager all of a sudden remembers he gave it to somebody else yesterday because According to him that person ask for the battery under my name without the red ticket bear in mind this was 7 to10 minutes after having me look to see if I can find the battery REALLY REALLY I calmly ask him what’s the purpose of giving me the red ticked wasn’t that to secure the battery for me then Proceed to show me in the camera in an individual walking out the store with the battery and tell me that’s my battery I said how do I know that can be any battery and he want off the handle out of carácter are you calling me a lair I said not one bit I’m just stating the obvious the other young man in the store bare wittiness to this and apologize in his behalf for what was taken place I walk in the store with a battery and left dumbfounded with what took place and without a battery store that this took place advance auto on Ariana Lakeland Florida 25 year client have three vehicles don’t shop nowhere else and always go out of my way to recommend all I can to advance auto store this manager had his way and his negligence left my elderly neighbor without a battery we are Christian individuals wrong is wrong and right is right my phone number is 863 393-7124 my name is Jose thank you for your time and attention regarding this matter

Reason of review: Walk in store to charge a battery and it wasn’t returned to me.

Preferred solution: I’d left a battery I want a battery .

Advance Auto Parts Cons: Id was denied the return of my battery.

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