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They checked our battery in my wife's car and confirmed we needed a new one. When we went back inside the manager told the employee to wait on customers in line before he goes back outside to install our battery .While one employee was hanging ornaments on a Christmas tree, another kept answering the phone and waiting on people even after he was told to help in store people first.

I have a cast on my arm and can't do any lifting so putting it in myself wasn't an option. Of course there was always someone coming in the store so after about a 40 minute wait I asked when they were gonna get to us and the manager told us installing batteries is a courteous thing they do after waiting on in store people first.So I guess the person that got the $10.00 bottle of anti-freeze was more important then my battery purchase of $150.00+ Needless to say we left and went to BATTERY WAREHOUSE where they took care of us quickly and $50.00 cheaper.

I used to go here for our car needs but they won't see any more money from my family.

The manager didn't do anything to free up one person for the 10 minutes needed to install battery. When I told him we were leaving he just smiled like he could care less.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Let's see. His arm was in a cast.

He waited 40 minutes when he didn't feel good for something he couldn't accomplish himself that would take 10 minutes and would show that his business was appreciated. Way to be sympathetic to someone who is having a hard time and at best is only looking for minimal customer service. Maybe you should grow up and develop some grown up feelings. Like empathy.

Start with empathy. Maybe google it first, by your response it's completely apparent you have no idea what it is.


Oh - I didn't get my free labor fast enough. Boo hoo. Grow up.

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