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I bought their premium battery for $130. One day it qas completely dead.

I took it to the store where it came from 6 months earlier. They tested it,charged it, and determined it was bad.

They would not honor the warranty. They gave me such a bad time that I walked out leaving the battery behind and buying one at NAPA.DONT BUY AT ADVANCED AUTO!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Advance Auto Parts Car Battery Warranty.

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Same here except AAP wouldn't even look my way without a receipt even thought the pulled my phone number as one of their customers and my battery has date of 10/16 on it which would give me a month before warranty expires. The battery simply drained because it sat connected on my SUV due to other problems preventing me from driving it.

Tried charging it for over three days but not holding charge. Corporate needs to revise their warranties and stop their employees from making stories about missing addresses. How convenient! Such a horrible autoparts it's joining/merging with others to make it.

Last purchase from me and will report to BBB. Also, products are highly overpriced.

Especially simple inexpensive diy parts. Happy trails AHs!


I am an employee at Advance and our premium batteries start at $194 for a 3 yr warranty, 164 for 2 yrs and 130 for a 1 yr so I suggest you check your electrical system and buy a better battery next time. If they tested it as you claim at that store and it was bad and not "cooked" by your alternator then they should replace it, if not then you should check your electrical system. Don't know what happened because obviously we here on the internet are only reading one side of the story and some of the info given conflicts the actual facts and prices.