Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania
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I just got told by advance in sinking spring, pa that they wont honor the pro rated portion of the warranty i got on my 3 year old battery because "THEY DONT DO THAT ANYMORE". THIS BATTERY WAS SOLD with a 5 year warranty (the first 3 yrs being replacement and the last 2 being pro rated).

These guys are crooks. When I paid for the battery (a "GOLD" series premium) they said it had a 5 year warranty. Now they are renigging on that sale commitment. I think everyone needs to know this when they go to buy a battery from advance.

When I was in the store, I observed that they have 3 year old batteries on the shelf being sold as new. Who else has had this problem?

You can't just say "WE DONT DO THAT ANYMORE" about a contract you made with the customer 3 years prior. These guys suck to the max.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Advance Auto Parts Cons: Warranty breach of contract.

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Had the same happen to me over the weekend. Bought battery 1/2014 with prorated warranty implied to be told 3/2017, Advance auto doesn't honor it anymore!?


The contract is the receipt. I am sure you had that with you or where you counted on a place that has to sell things to make money to keep track of giving you a free or discounted battery under a warranty?

I know they can just use the date code sticker on the battery. Now you get a free battery for life, new sticker with every replacement.


Probably because they didn't know what they were doing customers are always right say yes and honor the warranty


Warranties change , it's like you buying a battery with a 3 year warranty , then waiting till a week before the warranty is up . Claiming the battery is bad and getting it replaced , yell and scream till you get what you want . Have your adult temper tantrum , I've seen this done many times .

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