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Either you are not telling the whole truth or you have been dealing with an absolutely horrible manager. I have worked for Advance for 10 years now and this would be unacceptable for this to ever happen on so many levels.

That engine transaction has been stored on so many company records it is ridiculous. First, if you bought it would be in your customer history. Second, we "employee" can type in any item number or sku and find out if the store has ever sold that part. It will then give us specific info on when it was purchased, by whom, what type of payment was received for item and of course on what date. Third. the home office engine department has all records of engines sold to every store. That's just a few examples.

I can almost guarentee that if this is true, if you called the home office and demanded to speak to that stores District Manager, the issue would have been resolved.

Advance bends over backwards for good customer service that sometimes it is hard to work for them. So many people try to rip us everyday and most of the time we have to stand there with a smile on our face and let them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Advance Auto Parts Manager.

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Advanace has already took ownership & resolved the problem That the store Created it by not calling me to pick up my battery before the store closed for good. Advanced is a great place to do Business & i always will.

Question,If you drop off your Battery at Auto Zone to be charged overnight & the store location closes without calling you to pick up your Battery,shouldn’t they give you another one? Advanced Auto help me Resolve the situation


For anyone who needs to purchase or just has a customer service request call: 888-338-4516. Its their direct corporate line. Also mention CC20 and get 20% off.

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