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I bought a battery about a year ago. I did not have a receipt so I called the store where I got it and I was told they had a record of the sale.

I was also told the battery had a 2 year warranty and to come in to see what could be done. I had roadside assistance send somebody to get my car started. I got to the store an hour and a half later and the clerk I spoke with. Went out to my car to test the battery.

He said it was well within correct working conditions. It was 33 degrees out this morning but the car would not start. The guy said the battery was not charging but it had plenty of amps. So he suggested I go home and see if I have the same problem; if so bring it in and he would replace the battery.

Tomorrow's temp is predicted to be as cold. I ask how he expected me to get back tomorrow if it would not start. His look was oh yah that would be dumb wouldn't it. He said he couldn't do anything else.

Company policy yadda yadda. Please, what is the difference now or then. I told him I will never buy anothr part from Advance.

I left and found the same battery for half price compared to Advance's price. Now I know where I will go for parts from now on.

Product or Service Mentioned: Car Battery.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Half the price. I'm sure you got one *** of a battery. Get bent


That is their policy. BUT he was willing to change it out if there was an issue the next day which is not policy so you are complaining about that!!!

Maybe it was a fluke, you could have some kind of a draw on it or whatever. He has to do what his test says but he was still willing to work with you.


The point is that the situation was not going to change. What are you the undercover commentator for the company?


Well you don't know if it would of changed unless you take it back as instructed. No I am not an undercover employee for Advance, I am a retired TYCO employee who does not think he is entitled like some of the posters complaints on this board.

I had situations with Advance, Autozone and others but they always worked out in the end and I didn't tell the world, expecting pity and sympathy about my problems. Have a Merry Christmas, if that doesn't offend you.


Well said.


Eat *** Advance is the best company in the world