7716 Richmond Hwy, Alexandria, VA 22306, USA
Not resolved

I was block in by one the managers car.

I ask Jason. Owner of car to please move your car I need to go.

But he was on the and replied if you wait I might move my car and you should not have parked my car there, these are his word.

He intentiaonally did not move his car for long time, I ended of callinh

Product or Service Mentioned: Advance Auto Parts Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You had plenty of space to turn around. Your own pictures prove it.

So basically this just boils down to you parking someoyou probably shouldn’t have and someone showing you the error of that parking by making you wait. Despite what you think buddy it’s private property and they can do as they like. You parked in front of a service door. It’s VERY clear that instead of parking in th designated spot, you parked I n Front of it instead.

That was YOUR CHOICE!! No one from the business played valet that day. You CHOOSE to be a self entitled dill hole and was made to wait because of it. No crime, not a bad business owner/manager.

Just some jackwad who can’t drive or park right. Did you learn your lesson pops? Are ya going to start parking like everyone else? No you won’t.

Typical whitey.

It’s everyone else’s fault EXCEPT YOU!! Funny how you’re the ONLY living body to get out of your vehicles drivers seat yet everyone else is responsible.


Why did you park in front of a service door. That is clearly a no parking area as shown by the lines.

I do not feel sorry for you.

If I was the manager I would of had you towed. Also learn how to spell, I guess you deemed it important to park in an area that is clearly not a place for your car to be.


Educated mechanic, he even knows how to correct spelling. Do you know how to fix things or just replace parts. I bet your a parts replacer, but I do know your a *** big head ***

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