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I work at an advance auto store. For the past several months all we have heard from the manager is UPT, UPT, UPT, we have to hit 2.2 units per transaction on each and every sale. We finally managed to

do that and now it is 2.5 UPT. We have been instructed to ring up each item separately, and not use the feature on the registers that

identifies an item and then asks for how many. I don't pretend to be the smartest person in the world, but can someone within the upper management team please explain to me how ringing up a sale as ( a quantity of 6 items at $6.79 each) or as ($6.79+$6.79+$6.79+$6.79+$6.79+$6.79) changes the store bottom line for the day by a single penny, or adds any more profit to the company? All I see this doing is get the store manager a $500 gift card for winning the contest and the District Manager a big fat bonus, and the team members who actually did the selling get nothing for the second, third, and fourth years in a row!!! If I was a stock holder and my stock profits were riding upon ideas like this to somehow pretend that the sales numbers were better because of a trick I would not be happy!!! This kind of

management BS will do nothing to help with winning out against the competition.

Product or Service Mentioned: Advance Auto Parts Sales Representative.

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