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Advance is THE BEST of all the brick and mortar stores. By creatively and intelligently using the online discount codes, the prices meet or beat Rock Auto, Amazon, and eBay for most things in the $0-$150 range.

If you want to see a display of human stupidity, read the negative online reviews of Advance Auto. Some of the cretins and *** that write these reviews should be allowed within 10 yards of a car, much less working on them.

Advance isnt perfect, but if you are an informed customer, you can save a ton of money on parts. The stores by my house are always staffed by helpful courteous folks - maybe its because I show up knowing the part # I need or have my online order already complete.

Reason of review: Fair pricing.

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They don't beat rock auto, our 20% discount doesn't even beat rock auto. I do agree that most of the people that come in to my store shouldn't be in allowed to work on a car, let alone drive one. Most of the people that come in to the store don't even know what the part they need is called let alone where it is on the car.

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