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I am restoring a 87 f150 and will be needing numerous parts to do so. with that said, here is my experience on july 4th and july 7th.

I came into your tupelo south gloster store on the 4th and picked up an air idle valve. spoke to Kenneth W.(according to receipt) and he helped me with the part. I told him I was glad the store was open but I was sorry he had to work on the 4th of july. he was very pleasant and before I paid for the part, I asked if there would be any problems returning the part if it turns out that it wasn't the problem.

He said it would not be any problems with the return. As it turns out, it wasn't the part that was causing the problem I was having. On the 7th of july, I went back to the same store only to be told it could not be returned because it was considered an electronic part and the POLICY was no return on the part. I explained to the guy that I was told it could be returned but he wasn't having it.

went as far as to point to the logo on his shirt and tell me that it was advance that paid him to work there and that it was Policy. he then called the associate that sold it to me on his phone and ask him if he told me that and I was shocked when he said he did not tell me that I could return the part. I waited for the store manager to show up as he was not in the store. the store man.

also started stating the policy. so I said that as a cust. I don't know the store policy and I was told I could return part. He then went on to tell me that I must have misunderstood the associate.

I took the part with me and will never shop advance again. I mentioned that there was plenty of places within 300yd of that store to buy parts and he said that was my options. As I have managed many major retail store over the past 35 years, I can tell you that I would never allow POLICY to come in between my business and my customers. There is Always a way to insure even the most disgruntled customer to walk away satisfied.

Its call LEAD(Listen, empathize, apologize and Deliver. Please post your policies in plain site (Not the crumpled up paper that was snatched from the front door and said here's the policy). Or at least have the associate doing the sale be able the explain the policy when asked. If its not a no haggle return, tell people.

if I was told the policy, I would have bought the part anyway but I wouldn't have came back to return it, wasted my time, or been subjected to such bad customer service. POLCIES that run customers off need to be changed.

Store managers should have the ability to make exceptions to POLICY especially when the problem was created by an associate. I guess, cust service is a dying cause.

Product or Service Mentioned: Advance Auto Parts Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $57.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Advance Auto Parts Cons: Customer service, Poorly trained associates.

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Perhaps that is the reason you are an EX store manager. You can not make an exception to every rule!!!


Aww you don't like their policies so don't shop there


The no return policy on electrical parts has been in around for years at parts stores . Policy and rules are there for a reason correct ? As an ex store manager you should know this , so say they took your part back do you think another customer would buy that ?

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