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Greco (the CEO) is nothing but a corn-chip vendor - useless troll. He tells everyone that it is about quality and customer service. Of course that is balderdash. It is about profit. Very short sighted. Looking for maximum quarterly dividends for the stock holders. The CEO effects profits on the back of the store employees. The regional management compensation/bonus structure encourages them to slave the $9.00/hr store employees who in turn can't multitask fast enough to provide reasonable service. The point-of-sale cash registers have a hopelessly outdated operating system and the employees are not afforded structured training on it. The training modules are garbage.

I do not intend to do business with them ever again but I will also divest myself of my scant interest in the company.

Have a look; 95% of their garbage is from China. The place is doomed to failure and deservedly so.

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Bedminster, New Jersey, United States #1267596

Agreed. I worked there awhile back and slaved away at $10/hour.

However I did learn a ton about cars in the process. The upper managment is just like any other retail store.

All about the $$$. They put ona fake smile and a fake show and seem like they care but really they don't give a *** about you.

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