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I was waiting to buy something and I over heard a manager talking to one of their parts driver telling him according to the tracker in the truck he was backing up to many times... Really!

Then said something about going a couple miles over the speed limit!!! This is insane! The driver asked was he suppose to watch the speed or the road?? the question was a good one but he got response..

This is crazy... most states have a 5 mile an hour leway for speed and as far as backing up... are those suppose to stop in the middle of the road and delivery their parts? what kind of company is that nuts to keep track of such ***!

So answer me this....

are the drivers suppose to worry about how very careful they need to be and so the parts delivery will take longer upseting your companies waiting for them???? Big Brother

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Well MOST accidents involve backing up so yeah, they're trying to reduce accidents. There is a 9mph buffer before it shows as speeding.

You know what you sign up for when you take a driving job for any company. You have to be a careful driver.

After driving many years I've never had a write up for this company. It's not hard to follow the speed limits lol.


My friend worked for Advance, yep worked!!! A car pulled in front of him and he hit the brakes.

The next day he was reprimanded by his boss for severe braking. It appears the bosses get a report everyday from some gps unit that is in the car. Since he had too many reverse backup warnings from his boss in he past the boss threatened to fire him.. He quit right then and there.

Yep big brother and no common sense from corporate.

It appears Advance is now run from an ex Frito Lay-Pepsi Ceo. No auto parts and obiviously no driving experience.

to Anonymous #1374449

I FULLY agree with your complaint. I am a driver for Advance Auto (about to resign soon real soon) and you have no idea how many b.s GPS "laws" I have to follow!

It creates a road hazard when I have to constantly look down at the ANALOG dash going 40/50+ on the *** HWY. and be more concerned with my speed rather than directing my attention at potential, evasive ,life saving braking action.

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