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Eddie at Advanced Auto Parts at 2171 Cheshire Bridge Road, Atlanta, GA was very rude and unhelpful to me when I had asked him right when they closed where I might be able to find another auto supply store that might be open so I could fix my taillight. He responded that Adv.

Auto stores are all closed (obviously) in turn I asked where an another store nearby maybe that could help me because I needed the red tape for my tail light- he said very crudely and abruptly, “I don’t know you’ll have to find that out on your own...we have nothing”....I said, “what? You have nothing?” And he said, “for you” with a scowling look. I said, “sir, you really don’t have to be so rude.” And he said, “I am not being rude and shut the door in my face and locked it.” He was rude, had a horrible attitude, was sour and didn’t want to deal with anyone. He is not someone who should be working in “customer service” if this is how he treats people.

You as a company base your business on “excellent customer service”? Well, he was the polar opposite. He needs to be spoken to about his attitude and dealt with. I hope he doesn’t have a daughter or a wife that is in an unfamiliar part of town who needs suggestions of a nearby auto supply store at closing time.

I wish a better experience for them if he does have female family members in the same situation. Do better Advanced Auto and have a word with Eddie.

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Why does he need spoken to? Perhaps you should buy a new tail light lens and even better a good watch so you know how to tell time.

It was closing for heavens sake. How would you like if he came to your place a night when you are ready to go to bed and ring your door bell!

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