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Solomon from AAP said:

"Hi Nate, I have searched online, but am unable to find any information about the C501033454BOS with the manufacturer listings. However, I'd recommend that you call us at: 1-877-ADVANCE (238-2623) or contact our "Live Chat" support and one of our Parts Pros will gladly assist you with any questions or concerns you may have." ---ITS A PART OFFERED ON THEIR STORE WEBSITE5!

How dumb is that? Most threads are 18mm, how could Solomon not know that or find that info?

Product or Service Mentioned: Advance Auto Parts Car Part Replacement.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Well not everything on their site is available at the store. He did refer you to get help now you mock him.

Let me get this straight, you call a parts store, ask a question, they tried and could not help, but referred you to someone who possibly could. Now if I go to my regular doctor and he does not know what to do, he will refer me to a specialist.

Are you going to degrade them too. Looks like you are "wiser" then Solomonus


The item in question IS/WAS available at the store, IS/WAS on the shelf; I checked it myself. AFTER making the call AND after using their website tool.Advance employees have a bad habit of not checking further than the computer in front of them, this is not my first incident with store employees who vaguely or haphazardly check their inventory via computer by only one specific description; if its not in front of them on the screen, "Op, its not here, we don't sell it."Nonsense when your competitor not a mile away checks further and sells me the same item Advance personnel stated they do not sell in the store.I go outside and use my own cell phone web access and it IS in the store under one word difference in item name; same product just labeled different by ONE word.I can go to NAPA and not have to search for items myself, the employee selling the product does that during my visit.


Who ARE you? Huh?

Oh yeah, I should abide by you, you know everything I deal with via Advance Auto parts employees; like listening to my dog speak to and advise me. Oh yeah, I don't even own a dog.

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