Hillsboro, Oregon
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I made online purchase of battery and arrived at the store before 8 AM. The store manager didn't even ask if I need a free installation.

When I asked him, he started to find every excuse not to do it. First, he needs another counter to come in. He said they will come in 1 hour. But, his employees started to come around 8 including a counter lady.

Second, he kept blaming me not to go to some local tire store, (not a Auto Advance Auto Part store). It is obvious that his motto is buy the product from his store, but get the service some place else. Once his colleagues came, he tried his best to ignore me.

He was too busy with chatting his last weekend trip. Even when I decided to return the battery, he kept complaining about me not going some other store to get the service done.

Product or Service Mentioned: Advance Auto Parts Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Life is simple. Learn to do it your self or pay to get it done.


You want a free service for something that you cheap out and buy on line to save a buck. Then get upset because its not done right away or in this case not at all.

I gather when you go to work in the AM you jump right into your job, if you have one.

GET A LIFE, pay some money and go to a garage. Free service does not mean that they must wait on you hand and foot,


you buy on line, you need have it install ON LINE FOOL.


As an AAP employee, I can attest to not being able to help before 8AM, but I do cringe at the thought of not being able to help after another counter person comes in. Also, the FREE install is not a guarantee, as it is a free service, the customer does not hold any RIGHT to one.

Don't complain.

When it comes to free services, we have the right to withhold them. We are not mechanics by any means.

Did you have your old battery tested?

Do you do any mechanic work yourself?

If you don't do any mechanic work yourself, then maybe you should have gone to a place where mechanics are to have your battery installed.

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