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I just want to express my EXTREMELY NEGATIVE experience on the Advance Auto located on Río Grande Puerto Rico.

I was passing almost in front of Advanced Auto store when my brakes failed. Just to mention I’m not a mechanic, BUT I know how to fix almost any car because it’s like a hobby. I verified the car when the brakes failed and saw that my wife’s car had broken the car front disks because the pads were damaged.

I entered the store at 12:37 PM. The person in front told me where the line for car services was. There was ONLY 1 person in front of me. I waited for about 4 to 5 minutes and the person in front of me left. I went to the counter. The person attending left and another guy came, but he went to the computer besides me. He saw me but called a person that was not in line, I mentioned I was next on line and the person he called said, that it was ok, BUT he said that he will attend her. The person came to purchase 1 tire without installation. It took him quite a long time to sell the tire. Finally I was next.

I explained him I needed to change front disks and pads. He immediately told me in an arrogant manner, that if he changed what I was asking the car might had something else they would not be responsible for it. I thought that while they were fixing, if there was anything else the person fixing would mention and let me know. He said that I either left them do an exam that cost $20.00 or take the risk of not fixing the car correctly. I had many things to do so I did not want to wait more time. I told him that if they could do the exam fast and he told me it was going to be done immediately. Finally the exam started at 1:19PM. He told me that the car had also the brake caliper and he also wanted to change the rear cylinders. I told him I had my personal mechanic that I just wanted to fix the front brakes and he said that Advance would not fix the car unless I fixed the whole thing. I told him that I ONLY would fix the front brakes because it was very expensive and the cylinders were not an emergency. He then continuing with his ARROGANCE told me that he would not fix the car unless I signed a release that it would be my responsibility. IT IS IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND THAT I WAS IN A HURRY AND HE KEPT THREATENING ME AND TRYING TO FORCE ME TO FIX THE CYLINDERS. I WAS IN A HURRY WITH A CAR WITH NO BRAKES AND ADVANCE AUTO WAS TRYING TO MAKE ME SPEND MONEY I DID NOT HAVE. I signed the release to see if they could fix the car soon. Then he told me that they did NOT had the caliper and they ordered the part on another Advanced Auto store BUT it would NOT arrive until 4:00pm. I was already trapped and my ONLY alternative was to fix. I told him to fix everything before 4:00. I asked if it could be possible to get the part faster and his response was, If you go and bring the part. He was just being sarcastic since he knew my car was being fixed. My only alternative was that I had to wait for them. He said YES to my comment of fixing everything else until the caliper was delivered.

At 2:00PM I went with my wife to have lunch. We wasted as much time as possible since Advance facilities did not even have a TV to entertain. At 3:57pm I went to the store and the car was UNTOUCHED. I went to the mechanic that was CLEANING TOOLS with not even one car on the garage. I told him when they would start fixing my car and he told me that the caliper was not there. He started to fix my car and I went to the waiting area. I then saw that the mechanic left my car to do a car of a person that came to rotate wheels and change oil. That client had waited for 1 and a half hours for that so he went to the manager and the manager gave the instruction. When I saw that I went to the manager and told him my experience. He went to the mechanic (IMPORTANT TO MENTION THAT THEY HAD ONLY ONE MECHANIC.) and told him to fix my car. The mechanic finished changing the oil and delivered the car before fixing my car.

Finally my car was fixed, tested and delivered to me at 5:27PM almost 5 hours since I arrived to the store.

If this is reasonable I’m crazy. I guarantee that I’ll let as many persons I can to let the world know my experience with AA. This degrading and unforgettable experience requires more than just an I’m sorry, that was the only remedy the store gave me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Advance Auto Parts Part Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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That isnt advanced, we don't do car service. Or sell tires.

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