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I am a 58 year old woman who found her 3 year old Nissan truck would not start. I plugged in the battery charger, started the truck, and went directly to Advance Auto on E.

Main St. in Stamford, CT to have a new battery installed. It was 7:20pm, I was the last customer in line. The sales person who's shirt was embroidered with the name, "Wilfredo," said he would not install my battery because they do not do such after 5:30pm.

He also claimed they were short staffed. No where in that store does it say there is a time limit. Oversized yellow signage BOASTS of free installation throughout the store. So, at 7:30pm, I was forced to buy the battery and asked "Wilfredo" for a tool so I can install the battery MYSELF in the parking lot....which he rummaged around and ultimately gave me a ratchet to use.

I lug the heavy battery out of the store myself, install it, lug the old battery back in myself and place it on the counter with the tool. "Wilfredo" comes over and grabs the tool and starts walking away saying, "You're all set?" I say, no, I am here to have my core charge refunded! "Wilfredo" was obviously avoiding offering me the courtesy of the core refund!!! Plus I was hands covered in battery mention of using the rest room to clean up either!!!!

Plus, I'm supposed to have a $20 credit coupon emailed to me for having spent over $100 at this store. Next day, nothing has been sent from Advance Auto Parts. CHIVALRY IS DEAD AND CUSTOMER SERVICE IS DEAD AT ADVANCE AUTO PARTS, E. MAIN ST., STAMFORD, CT.


Product or Service Mentioned: Advance Auto Parts Car Part Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Advance Auto Parts Pros: Close to my house.

Advance Auto Parts Cons: Poor customer service.

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This is what happens with a trickle down effect. Yea he was rude and took it out on you but he had good reason.

I used to work there and I hated people that expected free service for anything even though we advertised it. It's at our discretion. After 5p the manager leaves and the store is understaffed. It becomes corporate policy that the store cannot be left unattended while he's outside the store.

Other employees might have been there but they were probably delivery drivers and had no knowledge of working the computer for sales and such. I hope you complained to cortporate because the policy needs to be changed and stores need to be staffed more. If compensation was on par with the work expeted then I would still work there. I remember changing batteries in 5 degree snowstorms with a -10 wind chill with bare hands and never even getting a thank you.

Being a 58 year old female has nothign to do with it. Take it to a shop then if you want someone else to do it.


Complain to Advance Auto corporate about this. They have a website.

Your ability to know how to do these things is to be commended. I know alot of men who are clueless when it comes to anything to do with their vehicles.

Of course, in a country where the public schools don't even teach cursive anymore, what can you expect? Dumb and dumber.

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